4 Free Must-Have Social Media Apps


To create content, drive engagement, and construct strategic campaigns it takes a substantial amount of time. Add these four free social media apps to your bag of tricks to save time -- and money. Whether on the agency or client side of business, these simple tools can optimize engagement, and produce more compelling content. Pocket - Social Media AppPocket - One cleverly crafted subject line can lead to opening an email with articles so compelling you can’t stop yourself from reading just one. Before postponing items on your to-do list, or losing an hour of your morning catching up on the latest digital marketing trends -- download Pocket. Pocket is a social media app that seamlessly integrates with your browser and allows you to save articles, images and videos for later. Pocket is effective because your content is automatically uploaded to all of your devices. Stay focused knowing your article is tucked away and available on the go. http://getpocket.com/


Phoster - Social Media AppPhoster - In need of a custom graphic to reinforce your Tweet, Instagram or Facebook post? Forget sending a request to your designer — and create beautiful images on your mobile device using Phoster. Phoster is an easy to use social media app and it comes with stylish pre-formatted designs. Choose your color scheme and add copy for custom graphics in minutes. This app is particularly helpful when running a giveaway on social media platforms. Phoster is available as a mobile app and is free during promotional periods, or $1.99 otherwise. http://phoster.bucketlabs.net/


Repost for Instagram - Social Media AppRepost for Instagram Maintaining a current Instagram news feed for your client or business can be challenging if working virtually. Repost keeps your brand relevant by curating images uploaded by guests. The social media app integrates with Instagram to repost user submitted images with a watermark and automatically mentions their username in the caption. By searching hashtags and using Repost you can find and engage with a previously untapped audience. Your current followers will be encouraged to take photos and interact with your brand, while you simultaneously capture new influencers, turning them into brand advocates. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/repost-for-instagram/id570315854?mt=8


Pixlr - Add a filter or create a collage instantly with Pixlr. Choose between Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express and Pixlr O-Matic, and leverage an array of tools with an endless amount of available features. For optimal efficiency choose Pixlr Express to make photos more appealing by integrating a border, text, and/or overlay with the click of a button. Pixlr is available as a social media app for your mobile device or on the web. http://pixlr.com/

Pixlr - Social Media App