3 Social Sharing Platforms Ready for Business

Hyatt Tumblr social sharing platform

It’s true, Facebook and Twitter are the top social sharing platforms. In fact, they are so popular it is increasingly difficult to get visibility for your brand message. Luckily, they are not the only game in town that can provide engagement for your brand. Check your demographics and then checkout these up and coming social sharing sites:


Hyatt TumblrTumblr, the microblogging giant, can be a great place to showcase your brand message in a very visual way. Unlike Facebook, no account is required to view Tumblr content. Tumblr also has a younger audience that is incredibly active on the platform. They constantly share or “reblog” each others’ posts, which makes it easy to spread brand awareness. If the Tumblr platform suits your brand image, now is the time to start. Unlike Facebook, where users may be annoyed if a company posts more than once a day, on Tumblr it’s accepted. There is a demand for original content -- the perfect environment for your brand message to be seen. Post striking images and use multiple tags to assist with user search. The Hyatt hotel brand has a great food-focused Tumblr. It’s sleek, simple, and the content is enticing.

We Heart It

We Heart It Social Sharing PlatformFacebook admits they have lost their youthful demographic. Where did they go? We Heart It is an image-sharing network that has grown to a userbase of 25 million and 80% are women under 25. If this demographic fits your brand, use eye-catching photos with friendly and casual copy. Users want language and visuals that they can identify with, much like Instagram. Earlier this month, We Heart It started rolling out native ads for brands like Old Navy and JCPenney. Their advertising team isn’t worried about blowback from users because each advertiser has to complete a training course to make sure ads maintain the feel of the platform. The We Heart It user image shown here became so popular the company uses it in official press materials.


Reddit ads social sharing platformReddit has a reputation for being a tightly knit, tech-savvy bunch. The average Reddit user is a 25-34 year old male. Redditors gather together in themed communities called sub-reddits, where they share and discuss news, hobbies, and anything else under the sun. If this social sharing platform of active, interest-driven users is the Holy Grail of engagement that your business seeks -- be careful! Any brand activity whether you submit a link, comment, or cast a vote, will be scrutinized. One way to make in-roads is with advertising. You can purchase ad space to reach this niche audience. You can also create sponsored posts that allow you to speak with your target audience directly. In short, Reddit can be a tough place to gain organic traction, but with a small budget you could hit the jackpot of engaged users there. Casual language, simple imagery, and Reddit-centric jokes are the keys to advertising on “The Front Page of the Internet.”

These aren't the only three poised for growth. We recommend checking out these other underutilized social sharing platforms: Snapchat, MySpace, Bebo (UK), Sina Weibo and Youku (China), and WeChat.