Boost Your Q4 Sales With These Last-Minute Ad Campaigns

We are well into the fourth quarter, Black Friday is mere weeks away and Christmas is close behind. This is the time of year that retail companies make the vast majority of their revenue and can drastically shape their outlook for the following year.

But many companies don’t have the bandwidth to plan as far in advance as they might like so they get caught at the last minute wondering how they too can cash in on the year-end purchase frenzy. The best deals and products in the world won’t matter if nobody actually sees them.

We have assembled a list of ad platforms that we have seen to have the greatest impact on product-based revenue for the least amount of effort, even with a small budget. 

Google Shopping Product Listing Ads


These product comparison tables pop-up all over the Google SERPs these days and many users don’t realize that these are all paid placements. These ads are extremely valuable because they catch consumers when they are actively looking to find and compare the products you offer. 

It is also much easier to set up and maintain than your standard Adwords Search Campaign. You just have to manage your products, descriptions, tags and bids and let Google do the rest.

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads


If you have products on Amazon, you should absolutely be taking advantage of the Sponsored Product Ads on Amazon. These ads are PPC based on keywords and product categories. The most beautiful thing about these ads is that you can directly compare ad spend with revenue because the ads and the purchases are all on the same platform. We have seen higher ROIs on this platform than nearly any other.

Facebook Carousel Ads


These ads on Facebook are ideal for showcasing a collection of products in one ad and can have extremely high engagement rates when combined with the proper targeting. Extra emphasis on “proper targeting.” Facebook obviously has an extremely large reach so you need to spend a little extra time refining your targeting using these ads. 

It is also a little bit harder to track your sales from this platform but as long as you use Facebook’s tracking pixel or set up Google Analytics properly, it shouldn’t be a problem. We have easily seen a 10x return on ad spend once the targeting was dialed properly.

If your business has seen much success on Instagram then you might consider checking out these same types of ads on there as well. The ads are run through the same Facebook Ads Platform but these ads are still very new so proceed with caution. 

Pinterest Promoted Pins


Although Pinterest is far smaller than the likes of Facebook, they have an extremely dedicated fan base that is willing to spend money on the right products. If your product is related to fashion, crafting or any sort of lifestyle, then Pinterest could be the place for you. Once again, using the right targeting is key to success on this platform. 

If you run your online shop using Shopify, you should also be aware that you can run a new type of ad called Buyable Pins on Pinterest that allow their users to buy your products right from the pin. I cannot overstate the potential behind this type of ad.


Even if you only have a few hundred dollars to spend, any of these platforms could multiply that budget into pure profit. Simply pick the one that has the audience that fits your ideal customer or if you have a bit more money at your disposal, experiment with each of them to see which generates the highest ROI. 

Lastly, don’t forget to give people a strong reason to buy from you in your ad copy but remember that it doesn’t always have to be a discount. Limited-edition, time-based and add-on style deals work just as well for the right products.

So quit procrastinating and start boosting your sales today.

Shawn McGaffAdvertising