Pop the Question for Twitter Engagement

With hotel marketing and Twitter, there is a natural affinity to cross promote with tourism boards, tour operators, landmarks (many have their own accounts!) and performance venues. This showcases the city’s tourist activities. It covers all of the bases because business and leisure travelers benefit from these types of updates. But who else should you follow on Twitter?

First let’s look at how you use Twitter

Pop the Question for Twitter EngagementTweeting updates is a very basic way to use Twitter. Some accounts never move past this billboard mentality. The most beneficial (and most fun) way to use Twitter is to engage in conversations with other accounts. You can find out what’s happening in the local area -- or around the world -- in real time. Interacting and sharing relevant information is also a good way to attract new followers.

Find them & keep them

Maui Coast Hotel searched Twitter for everyone who followed the local news on Maui. This is a very small but active group. Hitting the “follow” button is not the end of their story, it is the beginning. You may never hear anything back from an account you follow unless you take the initiative. Here, a logistics company on Oahu shows how to start a Twitter conversation with an open-ended question:

  • “Mahalo nui for the follow! What's one thing you've always wanted to know about Hawai'i Logistics?” @HawaiiTransfer

Graduate from #FF to real questions

One way some users show their appreciation is to use a Friday Follow hashtag followed by a list of accounts. This can seem spammy when used by businesses. Instead, why not ask a question? The Paramount Hotel in Seattle periodically asks a local flower grower what’s in bloom -- an open invitation for a Twitter picture of pretty posies.

One well-timed question can lead to long term Twitter engagement. The Washington State Department of Transportation posts traffic alerts and winter road conditions in the mountain passes. This information is great to share with locals and visitors in Seattle. They also have a keen sense of humor which you wouldn’t expect. Go ahead! Ask a question, you’ll get more than answers, you’ll get engaged followers.


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