How to Influence Public Perception: A Blueprint

The perception of your company and industry as a whole is the primary driver of purchase behavior for consumers. Learn how to shape those perceptions and grow your business.

What is Media Buying? An Introduction To Traditional Media Marketing.

Media buying is a big part of what we do at Thin Pig, but when we talk about it with friends and family, it is probably the service we provide that people know the least about.  For the purposes of this discussion, we are defining “Media Buying” to be focused solely on “traditional media” (ie. TV, Radio, Print and Out of Home.   So, what is media buying?

It works like this.  A client will come to us and say they have a certain amount of money to spend on marketing their product/service next year.  It is our job to research all the possible avenues for them to promote their business, and determine which platforms offer them the best exposure to their targeted demographic for the amount they have to spend.

 For example, with the Seattle market, there are several media platforms and multiple channels within each to purchase. On any given client campaign, we will purchase:

  • Broadcast TV (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX)
  • Cable TV (Myriad of cable channels)
  • Broadcast Radio (IHeart, Entercom, Sinclair, Bonneville, Hubbard),
  • Digital Radio (IHeartradio, Pandora),
  • Outdoor (Clear Channel, Lamar),
  • Print (Newspapers, Magazines)
  • Sports Teams (Seahawks, Mariners, Thunderbirds, Seattle Storm)

Within each client’s media buy it could consist of four to five TV and Radio stations, cable, one digital radio, a few newspapers, one or two magazines, a sports team sponsorship and sometimes deeper depending on our client’s budget.  


When evaluating any media buy, there are tools we use to measure overall reach and frequency. It starts with our order system Strata, along with data provided by the individual media entities that provide access to market research numbers from Nielsen, Arbitron, Scarborough, Tapscan, and PPM.  We use Kantar to provide qualitative data to give us a well-rounded look at how a campaign may perform.

Ratings are like the stock market, they fluctuate every day.  Folding in qualitative information, gives us the ability to see how stations’ viewers and listeners behave through use of media as well as how they interact with our clients’ businesses.  With all these resources available, we evaluate the most effective media campaign for each client. After each campaign is placed, we evaluate during and after to ensure impact on all future buys being placed.  By continuously evaluating results, we uncover data that helps fine tune the buy to maximize results.

 Prior to any campaign being placed, we request detailed proposals from media companies being considered.  Thin Pig blankets the market we are buying with a detailed RFP (Request for Proposal) from all media properties being targeted for that specific buy.  In the RFP, it outlines the client’s goals, demographics, flight dates, budget, and expectations. There are several clients for which we buy annuals (meaning we will place the entire year in advance).  Placing annuals ensures a client receives the best rates and inventory possible. The major benefit of annuals is a client is not at the mercy of any given month being sold out or tight on inventory causing rates to be much higher.  Clients taking advantage of annual buys still enjoy the flexibility to change or cancel if need be within the two-week industry standard cancellation policy. For our annual clients, we conduct annual media meetings. Each media property will come in and present their recommendations for the upcoming year.  In these meetings, we hear about new and exciting offers the entities have available. These face to face meetings allow us to immediately dig deep into the proposals and get answers quickly for our clients.


 With all our clients, we work hard to always get the best rate available, not the lowest.  Clients that are only focused on paying the lowest rates possible are often victims of their ad schedules being “blown out”.  This simply means that their ad was supplanted by an ad from another entity that was willing to pay a higher rate. For our clients, results and value are crucial.  So our team focuses on getting the most quality schedules at a reasonable price.

 Another aspect of media buying that we feel is essential is having positive, constructive relationships with media companies.  Thin Pig Media, truly respects our media representatives (reps) and treat them like true partners. We are in this together working to do what is right by the client.  By treating our reps with this respect, they reciprocate by calling us first when something new is available, offering our clients bonus inventory when available and making sure our schedules run smoothly.

 After we have accumulated all the proposals from the media properties, we sit down as a team and review each station and set a market goal.  We look at programming and day parts being proposed and how each of those perform in overall ratings and shares. A schedule is created to evaluate how each station is competing within the market.  We then review qualitative against each station to see how they compare on cost and overall value. Our team builds out a rough media buy knowing that we still have work to do with the vendors to negotiate the final terms.  Once everything is agreed to and we are confident we have negotiated a buy that is fairly priced that will drive results, we present to the client for final approval. 


The final step in a media buy is execution. The client has approved our plan and now we put it into action.  All our orders are generated through STRATA which enables us to track every penny, commercial message expected, and any additional elements provided by our media partners. When the orders have been created, they are sent to each media property for their acceptance and confirmation of the orders.  Each media outlet receives the ad copy or commercial or creative for that particular campaign. Throughout the campaign, we monitor to make sure all schedules are running as planned.  When a campaign has ended, a detailed report is created that specifies spend by media channel, value added achieved and details around specific campaigns goals and objectives.  Return on investment is evaluated with our clients based on the goals and the money and time spent on achieving those goals. These monthly reports help us make sure we are achieving the desired results of the client’s campaign.

 Rinse and repeat, maybe with a tweak or two on to the next month media campaign.  


The Facebook Pixel: What You Need to Know

Unhappy with your Facebook Ads results? Not exactly sure how Facebook Ads work, but by now, you think you probably have made some sales from them? With the Facebook pixel, you can take the guesswork out. You can also access analytics galore (more than print, radio, and television, by the way) that can help you target the right customers in order to reach your ad goals.

What Is It?

In simplest terms, the Facebook pixel is a tool that allows advertisers to measure effectiveness and track conversions from Facebook ads, automatically optimize ads, and create retargeted ads.

Track Conversions

Yes, the Facebook pixel actually allows you to see if you’ve made any sales based on a Facebook ad click. Not only this, but your campaign will tell you how many sales occurred, when they happened, and in many cases, the amount that was spent and how much each conversion cost you in terms of ad spend. What's more, you can dive in deeper and see which gender made the purchase, which day of the week it was made on, and more! Facebook will also set you up with ways to target the right people in order to help you reach your conversion goal, or “event.”

In addition to purchase/reservation transactions, advertisers can track a number of website events, which include:

  • Purchase

  • Lead

  • Complete Registration

  • Add Payment Info

  • Initiate Checkout

  • Add to Cart

  • Add to Wishlist

  • Search

  • View Content

  • Custom conversions

If your business is hoping to track any of these events, then the Facebook Pixel is a must.

How It Works

Facebook will provide you with a code specific to your ad account that you will then place on the backend of your website code. Trust us, it’s not as scary as it sounds. You then activate it on Facebook and voilà -- your pixel is tracking.

Optimize Audience

As mentioned before, once the pixel reaches a conversion threshold (e.g. Purchase, Registration Complete, Add to Cart, etc.), Facebook will start optimizing your ads in order to show them to people who are more likely to convert based on your goals. A lookalike audience can be created from this data, which essentially is an audience that Facebook believes is similar in demographics & interests to the people who have visited your website.


Have you ever shopped for shoes online, left the store’s website without purchasing, only to find that those shoes are following you around Facebook? That’s remarketing (aka retargeting). With the pixel, you can retarget visitors who have been on your website, back on Facebook. You can choose to retarget everyone who visits your website, just those taking a specific action, or those visiting specific pages of your website.

So while we’ve just covered the basics of the Facebook pixel here, there is no doubt that this little tool is packed with power. It can take a lot of the unknowns out of how well your Facebook ads are performing, and if your business is making any conversions from advertising. If you need assistance or just have questions about the Facebook pixel, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can help set your website up with the Facebook pixel, run Facebook Advertising for your business, or simply just answer a question you may have about the pixel.

Boomerang: 1-Second Video Loops Everyone Loves

What is Boomerang?

Boomerang is an Instagram app that allows you to create mini videos that continually loop back and forth (much like the toy “boomerang” itself.) The app essentially takes a quick burst of photographs and combines them together to make a soundless, 1-second video. It’s a fun and unique way to add something a little “extra” to your videos.

Why it’s great:

One word: simplicity. Anyone who’s used Boomerang before will tell you that it’s one of the simplest apps to use! Once the app is open, you only have to hold down one button to capture your mini video. The content of the video doesn’t need to be complex either, as you only have a brief moment to capture the subject in action.

Boomerang for your business:

Businesses can take advantage of Boomerang to showcase their products, services, and culture in a unique way. Users are more likely to engage with, and remember a Boomerang post more than they will a normal video. This is due to the quick succession and aesthetically pleasing way in which information is relayed.

For example, IKEA used a Boomerang to announce its new bicycle:

Vans captured its “free spirit” vibe with this Boomerang:

@leilahurst cutting loose like it's Friday. 📸 @jatecson #Regram from @vanssurf

A post shared by vans (@vans) on

Ulta Beauty frequently uses Boomerang to show off new product releases and makeup tutorials:

#Repost @lovemelisamichelle

A post shared by Ulta Beauty (@ultabeauty) on

Jus by Julie loves to promote a healthy lifestyle by featuring its employees eating its product:

Using the Boomerang app is simple, effective and engaging. With a video length so short, the possibilities of content are endless. Let your creative juices flow and spice up your Instagram posts with these mini videos.

Adobe Spark: Content Creation for Every Skill Level.

What better time of year to talk about one of my favorite (newer/revamped) products from Adobe, Adobe Spark, than on the 4th of July. It just seems fitting as I listen to all of the bottle rockets and roman candles being fired off by the neighborhood kids. No, Adobe Spark won’t blowup or light your neighbors overgrown lawn on fire, but it will help you put on quite a show for your fans, followers and clients.

Adobe Spark is comprised of a suite of apps which allow users to create social graphics, animated videos, and web stories. According to TechCrunch, “the Spark collection is effectively an upgrade and rebranding of a trio of apps Adobe already operated – its Adobe Post App became Spark Post, Adobe Slate became Spark Page; and Adobe Voice became Spark Video”. Along with the apps, Adobe also released a web version which allows its users to access the apps using their browser. Long story short, Adobe Spark lets your average, everyday user create stunning visuals and content without having to take a 2-year training course.


Spark Post

Spark Post allows users to create graphics for social channels in a quick and efficient way. It offers multiple professionally-designed templates, various themes, the ability to place and edit text, as well as an auto resize feature that adjusts your images automatically for different social channels. Once you’ve got everything looking extra pretty, save your image and upload for your fans and followers to enjoy.

Spark Page

Spark Page allows users to layout their favorite photos and information in a creative and unique way and share them with the world. Think of it as your own simplified web page. Users can upload photos from their own devices, cloud storage or use stock photography. You can then add motion or text to make a fun and informational viewing experience. Spark Page works great for showcasing products, events or for sending out your weekly newsletter.

Spark Video

Last but not least is Spark Video – which allows users to create stunning videos in a matter of minutes. Choose from a wide variety of themes and layouts to create engaging content that is sure to capture the attention of your viewers. Users can stitch together photos, videos, and icons and then add text to clearly communicate their message. You can also add music from your personal library or Adobe’s stock library to give your video the full professional touch.

Do you need help with your social media? We’ve got a team of professionals ready to take your business or product to the next level. Drop us a line at