Social Media Evolution: Twitter Changes Are Here

Twitter changes

As we say in the social media world, the only constant is CHANGE. Another platform has evolved. Twitter changes offer a redesigned user profile page in order to “show the world who you are, in an even easier (and, we think, more fun) way.” So, what are these big Twitter changes?Twitter changes

  • Tweets that received higher engagement will appear slightly larger in the timeline so popular content is easy to find
  • You can now pin one of your tweets to the top of your page
  • You can now filter tweets you want to see based on tweets, tweets with photos/videos, or tweets and replies
  • Larger profile photo (now 400px x 400px)
  • Header customization (now recommended dimensions are 1500px x 500px)

We have worked with the new design and we are experimenting with the 'pinning tweets' feature for our clients. In particular, our hotel and restaurant clients may benefit by highlighting time-sensitive specials like a weekend getaway package or special dinner menu.

These Twitter changes make rich visuals more important than ever before. The new 'filtered tweets' feature is an opportune time for brands to adjust their content strategy to integrate more visual posts. Since visuals are popular across all social media platforms, it may be fair to conclude that many people will filter tweets to ‘view photos/videos’ option — and brands should take advantage of this.

These Twitter changes are by invite-only right now. They also appear to be web-only for now. It has yet to be updated on mobile. No word yet when/if those changes will appear.

For current TPM clients, we are ready and we will alert you when your Twitter account is offered the redesign. For an example of the new look, here is boxing champ Floyd Mayweather's Twitter profile. You may notice it looks a little bit less like the old Twitter and more like...Facebook. [Update: The re-design was made available to all users now.]Twitter changes example @FloydMayweather