Mobile Websites Give New Advantages

Once considered cutting edge, mobile websites for business are now necessary. The days when users only searched for your business via desktop computer are gone. As people become more and more mobile, your online presence needs to adapt to this new reality. Currently, 70% of businesses do not have a mobile website. According to Google, 30% of all website visits come from a mobile device. The mobile explosion will increase exponentially and it’s time for your company to capitalize on it.

Keep Your Customers

Easy Mobile WebsitesMake it easy for your customers. Websites that are not optimized for mobile viewing are often too cluttered with information. This makes it difficult for the user to navigate. A study in 2013 showed that 61% of users, when dissatisfied with a company's mobile site, were unlikely to return, with 41% going directly to a competitor site. Well-organized and simplified mobile websites allow customers to find what they need quickly, and it keeps them coming back for more.

Reach More Customers

Create Mobile WebsitesMore and more people own smart phones, tablets, and on-the-go devices. A mobile-friendly website will help expand your presence to these potential customers. Almost 20% of total online traffic now comes from mobile devices and the percentage is only going to increase. Having a mobile website in place will allow you to capitalize on users who are only searching for you on their mobile device. If your competitors are on mobile, it is crucial you need to be there too.

Do More Business

Monetize Mobile WebsitesA mobile website sends a message to your customer that you really care about their business. A mobile website puts the customer first. Since most people are less than three feet away from their phones at all times, a mobile website allows them to access important company information anywhere. Whether people are trying to make a reservation at your restaurant, purchase a pair of shoes, or locate your bed & breakfast, get your business in front of customers with an immediate need.

There are other benefits to mobile websites besides keeping your current customers and reaching new ones. It improves your search rankings. Mobile websites for business in combination with a traditional website are known to receive higher search engine rankings overall than if you just have one or the other. Also, a mobile website will also rank higher in mobile search results. Google Analytics can track your mobile customers too. You can get great mobile-specific insights from this. Now that you know you need a mobile website for your business we can help with the next steps: analyze your site, create and integrate. We can quickly get your business up and mobile!